Talladega County Budget.

The Talladega County Commission shall prepare and adopt an estimate of the income of the county for the fiscal year beginning on October 1 of the current calendar year for all public funds under its supervision and control, and to estimate for the same fiscal year the expense of operations and to appropriate for the various purposes the respective amounts that are to be used for each of such purposes; provided that the appropriations so made shall not exceed the estimated total income of the county available for appropriations. The county commission shall restrict allotments to prevent an overdraft or deficit in any fiscal year for which appropriations are made by prorating without discrimination against any county program, the available revenues among the various county programs. Such appropriations shall be payable in such proportion as the total sum of all appropriations bears to the total revenues estimates as available in each of the fiscal years.

A refusal to perform any requirement of this amendment or an improper or illegal performance of any requirement of this amendment shall subject the offender to a penalty of $250.00 to be recovered in an action instituted in the circuit court of Talladega county and shall subject such offender to impeachment.