Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services Districts in Blount County.

(a) The Legislature may, by local law from time to time, provide for the establishment of districts in Blount County for fire protection and emergency medical services and provide for mandatory annual dues in the districts upon approval of the qualified electors residing within the districts. The Legislature shall provide for the operation of the districts and for the collection of mandatory annual dues. The Legislature may limit the liability of the county for the operation of a district and provide that a district shall be exempt from all taxation. The districts may include the area currently served by the Remlap Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Inc., or may be formed in other areas of the county.

(b) Act No. 93-342, H. 970, 1993 Regular Session, is repealed.

(c) This amendment shall not become effective unless approved at a referendum by a majority of the qualified electors of Blount County voting on the proposition. The referendum shall be held at the same time as the election for the ratification of this amendment, as provided for in Section 2 of this act, and no further election shall be required.