Establishment of Fire Districts and Levy of Charges for Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services in Tallapoosa County.

(a) Upon approval of the E911 Board of Commissioners of Tallapoosa County, districts may be established for fire protection and emergency medical services within the geographical boundaries of Tallapoosa County. Each district for fire fighting and emergency medical services of Tallapoosa County is authorized, in its discretion, to levy a service charge for fire protection and emergency medical services in an amount it deems reasonable on each dwelling and commercial building in Tallapoosa County. A service charge if approved by the majority of the voters residing in the proposed fire district shall be collected by the board of directors of the proposed district that has response coverage for the district unless otherwise provided by law. The proceeds from the service charge less any costs of collection shall be used by the district for fire protection and emergency medical service.

(b) This amendment shall not become effective unless approved at a referendum by a majority of the qualified electors of Tallapoosa County voting on the proposition. The referendum shall be held at the same time as the election for the ratification of this amendment, as provided for in Section 2 of this act, and no further election shall be required.