Additional Ad Valorem Tax on Property in Morgan County Outside Cities of Decatur and Hartselle.

(a) In addition to all other ad valorem taxes which the Morgan County Commission is authorized by law to levy for the benefit of the public schools within the jurisdiction of the Morgan County Board of Education, the Morgan County Commission may levy on an annual basis, commencing with the tax year beginning October 1, 1995, an ad valorem tax on all taxable property in Morgan County located outside the corporate limits of the City of Decatur and the City of Hartselle, as those corporate limits exist on the first day of each ad valorem tax year, at a rate of four mills per dollar of assessed value of the taxable property, the proceeds of which shall be distributed to the Morgan County Board of Education.

(b) The authority conferred by this constitutional amendment shall be self-executing in the event this amendment is duly adopted and ratified at the election required by the act by which this amendment is proposed.