Election of Two Persons to Electrical Utility Owned by City of Tuskegee.

Two persons shall be elected to the electrical utility owned by the City of Tuskegee at the same time that the mayor and city council elections are held and the elected candidates for members of the electrical utility shall qualify for office in the same manner. The election shall be conducted in the same manner as that for the election for city council. In the interim of the time between the adoption of this amendment and the mayor-city council election, the State Senator and the Alabama House Representative representing the City of Tuskegee shall each appoint a member on the electrical utility board owned by the City of Tuskegee to serve, only during the interim period until the election. The members of the board of directors of the electrical utility who are not members of the city council shall each receive fifty dollars ($50) per meeting, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100) per month.