Baldwin County: Annexation - Stockton Landmark District.

(a) For the purposes of this amendment, the "Stockton Landmark District" is defined as follows:

Beginning at the point where I-65 intersects the line which divides R2E and R3E; thence, north to Little Halls Creek; thence, follow Little Halls Creek in a westwardly direction to Halls Creek; thence, follow Halls Creek to Tensaw Lake; thence, follow meanders of Tensaw Lake in a southerly direction until it meets the Tensaw River; thence, follow meanders of Tensaw River until it meets I-65; thence, follow I-65 in E/NE direction to point of beginning.

(b) No property within the Stockton Landmark District may be annexed into any municipality by local law.

(c) Subsection (b) shall not apply to any municipality incorporated after the ratification of this amendment which includes any part of the Stockton Landmark District.