Amendment of Sections 272, 273 and 276.

Sec. 272. Conformance with regulations of United States department of defense and laws of United States; administration of military affairs by military department and adjutant general.

The legislature, in providing for the organization, equipment, and discipline of the state military forces, shall conform as nearly as practicable to the regulations of the department of defense of the United States, and the laws of the United States, governing the armed forces of the United States. All affairs pertaining to the state military forces shall be administered by a state military department, which shall be headed by the adjutant general, and who shall be responsible to the governor as commander-in-chief.

Sec. 273. Appointment, suspension, discharge, removal and retirement of officers of state military forces; qualifications of personnel of federally-recognized national guard.

Officers of the state military forces, including the adjutant general, shall be appointed, and shall be subject to suspension, discharge, removal, or compulsory retirement as such, solely on the basis of military proficiency, character and service, as determined by department of defense regulations and military usages sanctioned by the military laws of the United States, anything in this Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding. The qualifications of personnel of the federally recognized national guard shall be as prescribed in pertinent regulations and policies of the United States department of the defense.

Sec. 276. Appointment of adjutant general, general officers and governor's staff.

The governor shall, with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint the adjutant general and all general officers. The governor shall appoint his own staff, as may be provided by law.