Council-Manager Form of Government in City of Talladega.

(a) This amendment applies only to the City of Talladega in Talladega County.

(b) The council-manager form of government shall become operative in the city on the first Monday in October following the next municipal election of the city council and mayor.

(c) At the next municipal election and at municipal elections thereafter, a city council composed of five members elected from single-member districts and a mayor elected from the city at-large shall be elected. The five members of the council shall initially be elected from the same districts as the current city council. The mayor shall not serve on the council or participate in the adoption of ordinances or in other matters coming before the council.

(d) The city council shall employ a city manager under the terms and conditions it shall provide. The current city clerk shall continue to serve until the position becomes vacant, but shall serve under the direction of the city manager.

(e) The mayor shall serve on a part-time basis and shall be recognized as the head of the municipal government for all ceremonial purposes, but shall have no other administrative duties. The salary of the mayor shall be set by the council to reflect a part-time position.

(f) Except as otherwise provided in this amendment, the city shall operate under the council-manager form of government as provided in Chapter 43A of Title 11, Code of Alabama 1975, or as otherwise provided by general law.

(g) The city may exercise any powers granted to municipalities pursuant to general law.

(h) The City of Talladega shall remain under the council-manager form of government unless this amendment is repealed.