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Senate House Joint

4 Announcements or Meetings Scheduled

DateTimeLocationAnnouncement TitleDescription
2/21/20232:00 pmRoom 200Joint Legislative Committee on American Rescue Plan Act State Funds
2/22/2023 Room 200Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Finances and Budgets-General Fund9:30 am Hal Taylor-ALEA10:00 am Cam Ward-Pardons and Paroles10:30 am John Hamm-Corrections1:30 pm Nancy Buckner-DHR2:00 pm Jean Brown-Senior Services2:30 pm Kim Boswell-Mental Health3:00 pm Stephanie Azar-Medicaid
2/23/2023 Room 200Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Finance and Budgets-Education9:00 am Dr. Eric Mackey-Department of Education10:00 am Marcus Morgan-Commission on the Evaluation of Services10:20 am Dr. Barbara Cooper-Early Childhood Education10:40 am Dr. Jim Purcell-Commission on Higher Education
3/7/2023 Room 200Budget Presentations9:30 am Kirk Fulford-Legislative Services Agency Presentation to the Legislature on Alabama's Financial Condition 10:15 am Bill Poole-Finance Director Legislative Presentation on FY2024 Proposals and Priorities