Section 16-22-2

Police officers at state colleges and universities or Institute for Deaf and Blind - Extension of jurisdiction.

(a) Any police officer appointed pursuant to the provisions of Section 16-47-10 or 16-22-1, is a peace officer whose authority extends to any place in the state; provided, that the primary duty of any such police or peace officer shall be the enforcement of the law on property owned or leased by the institution of higher education employing said peace officers; provided further, that he shall not otherwise act as a peace officer in enforcing the law except:

(1) When in pursuit of any offender or suspected offender who is charged with the commission of a crime while on the premises of said institution; or

(2) To make arrests otherwise lawfully for crimes committed, or for which there is probable cause to believe have been committed, within his presence or within the boundaries of said property owned or leased.

(b) The provisions of this section granting authority to police officers at institutions of higher learning in the State of Alabama are not intended to limit or abridge any powers heretofore granted to said officers by law, and the provisions of this section are, therefore, to be considered cumulative.

(c) Nothing in this section shall grant authority to any persons appointed under the provisions of this section to enter a classroom for the purpose of enforcing traffic or parking citations.

(Acts 1975, No. 924, p. 1836, §§1-3.)