Section 17-1-2


For the purposes of this title, the following terms shall have the definitions ascribed to them:

(1) APPOINTING BOARD. In all elections the appointing board consists of the judge of probate, circuit clerk, and sheriff of the county.

(2) BALLOT. The term includes paper ballots and electronic ballots.

(3) BALLOT CONFIGURATION. The particular combination and arrangement of offices, candidates, and questions for a precinct or subdivision thereof.

(4) BEAT. Has the same meaning as precinct.

(5) BOX. The voting place in a precinct or subdivision of a precinct for voting purposes.

(6) CANVASSING BOARD. In all elections except primary elections, the canvassing board consists of the judge of probate, circuit clerk, and sheriff of the county. In primary elections, the county executive committee of the party is the canvassing board for the primary of the party.

(7) CENSUS BUREAU. The Bureau of the Census of the United States Department of Commerce, or any successor bureau or department that conducts an official decennial census of the United States.

(8) CLERK'S POLL LIST. The list of voters which is written by a clerk at the polling place.

(9) ELECTRONIC BALLOT. A ballot that utilizes electronic media or computerized systems for presenting the names of the offices and candidates and statements of questions to be voted on and for recording votes.

(10) ELECTRONIC BALLOT COUNTER. An approved device that reads and tabulates electronic ballots.

(11) ELECTRONIC VOTING EQUIPMENT. Equipment that records and tabulates votes directly without the use of an electronic paper ballot.

(12) ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. Includes both precinct ballot counters and electronic ballot counters.

(13) INSPECTOR. The election poll worker in charge of a precinct who serves as chief returning officer for the precinct.

(14) LIST OF REGISTERED VOTERS. The list of registered voters, sometimes called the list of qualified voters, which is provided for each polling place by the city clerk in municipal elections and by the judge of probate in all other elections.

(15) MEMORY PACK. A device capable of storing electronically the totals of a precinct ballot counter.

(16) MEMORY PACK TABULATOR. A device capable of reading precinct returns from memory packs and totaling these returns for the county and other electoral districts.

(17) OFFICIAL BALLOT. The list of offices and candidates and the statements of questions to be voted on as appropriately certified by the judge of probate of the county or the Secretary of State.

(18) PERMANENT LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE ON REAPPORTIONMENT. The committee created by Section 29-2-51.

(19) PRECINCT. A geographical subdivision of a county having clearly visible, definable, and observable physical boundaries. A precinct is the smallest geographical area for purposes of holding national, state, or countywide elections.

(20) PRECINCT BALLOT COUNTER. An electronic paper ballot counter that reads and tabulates electronic paper ballots at the precinct where they are cast.

(21) PRECINCT ELECTION OFFICIALS. The inspector and clerks required to be appointed to serve at each voting place.

(22) PRIVACY BOOTH. A stand used to provide privacy for voters in completing their ballots.

(23) STATEMENT OF CANVASS or CERTIFICATE OF RESULT. The vote totals recorded at the polling places on forms provided for that purpose in accordance with Sections 11-46-116, 11-46-123, 17-12-1, 17-12-2, and 17-13-14.

(24) VOTER REIDENTIFICATION FORM. A form that is prescribed by rule by the Secretary of State for use at the polling place pursuant to Section 17-4-13.

(25) VOTERS' POLL LIST. The numbered list that is signed by the voter at the polling place.

(26) VOTING CENTER. A voting arrangement authorized by local legislation whereby multiple precincts may be located in a single voting center. Where a voting center has been established, the voting center is the voting place for the precinct.

(27) VOTING PLACE. The place, or places, designated for the holding of elections in each precinct. Where multiple voting machines are used in a single precinct, the location of each machine is a voting place, unless a voting center has been established by local legislation.

(28) VOTING STATION. A table, booth, or other device that permits a voter to complete a ballot in privacy.

(Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §1.)