Section 17-10-1

Voter identification requirements.

(a) Each person who registers to vote by mail shall provide identification prior to the first time they vote in an election containing a federal office on the ballot and as otherwise required by Section 17-9-30.

(b) Voters who are voting by absentee ballot shall submit with the absentee ballot application a copy of one of the forms of identification listed in Section 17-9-30. An absentee ballot shall not be issued unless the required identification is submitted with the absentee ballot application except as provided in subsection (c).

(c) If an individual required to present identification in accordance with this section is unable to meet the identification requirements of this section, the ballot cast is a provisional ballot.

(Act 2003-313, p. 733, §4; §17-10A-1; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §50; Act 2019-507, §1.)