Section 17-11-49

Witnessing or notarization of absentee ballots.

(a) The Secretary of State is granted authority to adopt requirements related to witnessing or notarization of absentee ballots, voter identification, candidate qualifying, and ballot access procedures, ballot printing, and the application process for absentee balloting in elections for federal, state, county, and municipal offices and constitutional amendments and other referenda to comply with federal law.

(b) The Secretary of State is authorized to extend the deadline for receiving, processing, and counting absentee ballots if absentee ballots are transmitted to qualified absentee voters less than the minimum number of days prior to an election as required by federal law. Absentee election officials utilized for the processing and counting of absentee ballots pursuant to this section shall be appointed in the manner prescribed in Section 17-11-11, and compensated as provided in Section 17-8-12.

(Act 2011-619, p. 1417, §10.)