Section 17-12-4

Procedures upon malfunction of equipment.

If a precinct ballot counter malfunctions, the polls shall remain open and voters shall deposit their ballots in a ballot box or other suitable container. The inspector shall notify the custodian, who shall maintain a public list of all voting places in which equipment failure has occurred. After the polls close, the ballot box shall be opened and the ballots counted either by hand, as described in Sections 17-12-2 and 17-12-6, or by feeding the ballots into an operable hand precinct ballot counter. Poll watchers of opposing interests and members of the media, if any are present, shall be permitted to witness this process. Where precinct counting equipment is programmed to return ballots containing over-votes, any such ballot returned during a post-election count must be counted by hand following the rules for ballots. The results of this hand count shall be added to the certificate of results, and the ballots shall be bound separately and returned with the other ballots.

(Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §55.)