Section 17-13-105

Political party to file resolution with Secretary of State.

Each political party authorized to hold a primary and wishing to hold such a presidential preference primary shall, not less than 116 days before such primary is to be held, adopt and file with the Secretary of State a resolution stating that intention, the method by which electors are to indicate one or more preferences, the method by which delegates are to be selected, elected, chosen, and replaced, and the pledge, if any, by which delegates are to be bound.

(Code 1975, §17-18A-7; Acts 1978, No. 691, p. 994, §7; Acts 1979, No. 79-547, p. 994, §1; Acts 1990, No. 90-699, p. 1359, §1; §17-16A-6; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §65; Act 2015-477, §1.)