Section 17-13-17

Canvass, tabulation, and declaration of results.

The county executive committee of the party or parties participating in the primary election shall meet at the courthouse of its county, not later than noon on Tuesday next following the primary election, and receive the returns, canvass and tabulate the same, by precincts, and publicly declare the results thereof. The chair of each county executive committee shall forthwith and no later than the close of business on the seventh day following the primary election certify and return to the chair of the state executive committee a statement and tabulation, by precincts, of the result of the primary election and of the number of votes received by each candidate therein for office, except candidates for county office. Not later than noon on the Wednesday eight days following such primary election, the state executive committee, or such subcommittee thereof as may have been appointed by the chair thereof for such purpose, shall meet and receive the returns, canvass and tabulate the same by counties, and publicly declare on that day the results thereof as to all candidates for office therein, except candidates for county office, which results shall be final. The state executive committee or such subcommittee as provided in this section shall also provide the Secretary of State with the primary election returns by precincts according to county on a form authorized by the Secretary of State on the Wednesday eight days following the primary election, county and municipal returns excepted.

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