Section 17-13-89

Commissioners to take testimony.

Upon filing of any contest as herein provided, the executive committee before whom any such contest is pending, if in session, or the chair of such committee, if it is not in session, may appoint a commissioner, upon the request of either party, for the purpose of taking testimony in such contest, and such commissioner shall take testimony in such contest as he or she may be directed to take by the chair of such committee, and five days' notice of the time when and place where such commissioner expects to take such testimony and the names of the witnesses to be examined shall be given the opposite party to the contest. Each party to the contest may be represented before such commissioner, but before any such commissioner is appointed, the party desiring the appointment made shall deposit with the chair of such committee sufficient funds to pay the expenses and fees of such commissioner and the fees and mileage of any witness which may be summoned before such commissioner. And such commissioner, when appointed, for the purpose of the contest in which he or she is to take testimony, may summon witnesses to appear before him or her in such contest and administer oaths to such witnesses and shall have all the authority vested in a judge of a district court to punish for contempt. Such commissioner shall not be of kin to either party to the contest.

(Acts 1931, No. 56, p. 73; Code 1940, T. 17, §391; §17-16-89; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §63.)