Section 17-4-1

Lists of registered voters to be published.

The judge of probate shall publish from the state voter registration list a correct alphabetical list of qualified electors either by county, precinct, district, or subdivision wherein each elector is registered to vote, in some newspaper with general circulation in the county, on or before the twentieth day preceding the regularly scheduled primary election. The list shall be accompanied by a printed certification generated by the state voter registration system verifying that the list contains the names of all qualified electors registered as of the specified time and date when it was printed. The list shall further state that any elector whose name was inadvertently omitted from the list shall have 10 days in which to have his or her name entered upon the list of qualified voters. If within 10 days any voter shall reasonably satisfy the board of registrars by proper proof that any name should be added to the list, the board shall add such name to the list. The supplemental list of registered voters inadvertently omitted from the original list shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the county on or before the seventh day preceding the date of the primary election. The lists required to be published pursuant to this section may be published, at the discretion of the county commission, as a preprinted or inserted advertising supplement at a cost no greater than the selected newspaper's lowest applicable national insertion rates. If the list is published as a preprinted supplement in the selected newspaper, the supplement size shall conform to the size requirements set by the selected newspaper and shall be printed on standard newsprint paper. The type size shall be no smaller than nine point standard type. The list shall also be delivered to the newspaper for insertion in a manner required for other advertising supplements. The supplement may not contain any other advertising. Any newspaper accepting a preprinted insertion that is not prepared by the newspaper shall not be responsible for the content of such insertion. Nothing in this section shall prohibit a county commission from publishing the list of voters in more than one newspaper within the county at the county commission's discretion.

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