Section 17-4-2

State voter registration lists.

The board of registrars, when registration is closed before a primary, general, or special election, shall certify to the Secretary of State any additions, deletions, corrections, or changes to the state voter registration list. Except as provided in Section 17-4-2.1, after registration has closed and within the 10-day period before an election, the judge of probate and municipal election officials shall prepare and print a report from the state voter registration list of the correct alphabetical lists of the qualified electors registered by precincts, districts, or subdivisions of a precinct where the precinct has been divided or subdivided, if not within a city or incorporated town, and by wards and other subdivisions, if within a city or incorporated town, and no others. An electronic archive in the database for the state voter registration list shall be recorded simultaneously with the printing of each county's list of qualified voters. Each printed list of qualified voters shall contain a printed certification generated by the state voter registration system establishing that the contents of the list are true and correct as of the specified time and date when it was printed. The judge of probate shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the inspectors in each precinct, each district, each ward, or each other subdivision one copy of the list of qualified electors printed for such box or voting place immediately preceding every general, primary, or special election, and the delivered list shall contain only the names of persons qualified to vote at such box or voting place; except, that for purposes of information only, there may be delivered to the inspectors lists prepared for other boxes or voting places. The list published in the newspaper before each primary election shall not be used as the poll list.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, electronic access to the state voter registration list may be utilized in lieu of a printed list in accordance with administrative rules promulgated and implemented by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall send any proposed new rule or amendment to an existing rule by certified mail to each county canvassing board at least 30 days prior to certification of the proposed rule or amendment pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.

Both the board of registrars and the judge of probate shall keep a current copy of the qualified elector list for the county open and subject to public inspection.

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