Section 17-6-23

Uniform ballots at each polling place; electors for President and Vice President.

There shall be provided at each polling place at each election at which public officers are voted for, but one form of ballot for all the candidates for public office, and every ballot shall contain the names of all candidates whose nominations for any office specified on the ballot have been duly made and not withdrawn, as provided in this chapter, together with the title of the office, arranged in tickets under the titles of the respective political parties or independent bodies as certified in the certificates of nomination. When electors for the President and Vice President of the United States are to be elected, the names of the candidates for President and Vice President shall be listed on the ballot, but not the names of the electors.

(Code 1907, §378; Code 1923, §468; Code 1940, T. 17, §153; §17-8-3; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §29.)