Section 17-6-26

Order of arrangement; content requirements; secrecy envelopes or folders.

(a) Ballots, so far as practicable, shall be in the same order of arrangement as required by Section 17-6-24, except that they shall be of the size and design required by the precinct ballot counters and may be printed upon one or more separate pages or cards. Ballots for precinct ballot counters shall be manufactured with one detachable stub and numbered sequentially within each county with the sequence number printed on the stub but not on the ballot itself. There shall be printed on each absentee ballot and ballot for precinct ballot counters the ballot style number. This ballot style number shall represent the political race makeup of the ballot.

(b) In primary elections, constitutional amendments may be printed on party ballots, provided that sufficient ballots containing only the constitutional amendments are available for those voters who do not wish to sign the pledge for a party ballot.

(c) Secrecy envelopes or folders shall be provided in sufficient quantity for use by voters in transporting their completed ballots from the voting stations to the precinct ballot counter.

(Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §30.)