Section 17-6-29

Party emblem - Submission; approval.

Each political party, by its state party convention or state executive committee, shall adopt, prepare, and file with the Secretary of State, at least 60 days before each election for state officers, an original copy and a copy in a digital or other electronic format acceptable by the Secretary of State of an emblem to be printed at the top of the column of such ballot assigned to such party, as a distinctive and characteristic heading thereof; and such emblem shall not be more than one inch and a half square. No party shall adopt an emblem similar in appearance to an emblem already adopted by another political party or organization, and the Secretary of State, upon the presentation or offer of any emblem which in his or her opinion is so like any other emblem already filed as to be likely to mislead any voter, shall forthwith notify the committee or any officer thereof or any person sending or offering such emblem of such similarity or resemblance and shall require such party, organization, or committee to adopt, prepare, and file another emblem. The emblem, once adopted, prepared, and filed as required, shall continue the emblem of the party adopting it until it is changed by the same or like authority as prepared, adopted, and filed the original emblem, and the changed emblem, as prepared and adopted, if filed and accepted by the Secretary of State as in case of the original emblem.

(Code 1907, §374; Code 1923, §464; Code 1940, T. 17, §149; §17-8-6; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §33.)