Section 13A-11-79

Dealers' licenses - Issuance; conditions; display; fees.

The duly constituted licensing authorities of any city, town or political subdivision of this state may grant licenses in forms prescribed by the secretary of state, effective for not more than one year from date of issue, permitting the licensee to sell pistols at retail within this state subject to the following conditions, in addition to those specified in Section 13A-11-77, for breach of any of which the license shall be forfeited and the licensee subject to punishment as provided in this division. The business shall be carried on only in the building designated in the license. The license or a copy thereof, certified by the issuing authority, shall be displayed on the premises where it can easily be read. No pistol shall be sold in violation of any provisions of this division, nor shall a pistol be sold under any circumstances unless the purchaser is personally known to the seller or shall present clear evidence of his identity. A true record in triplicate shall be made of every pistol sold, in a book kept for the purpose, the form of which may be prescribed by the Secretary of State and shall be personally signed by the purchaser and by the person effecting the sale, the caliber, make, model and manufacturer's number of the weapon, the name, address, occupation, color and place of birth of purchaser and a statement signed by the purchaser that he has never been convicted in this state or elsewhere of a crime of violence. One copy shall be sent within six hours by registered or certified mail to the chief of police of the municipality or the sheriff of the county of which the dealer is a resident; the dealer shall within seven days send the duplicate to the Secretary of State; and the dealer shall retain the triplicate for six years. No pistol or imitation thereof or placard advertising the sale thereof shall be displayed in any part of any premises where it can readily be seen from the outside. The fee for issuing said license shall be $.50, which fee shall be paid into the State Treasury.

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