Section 15-23-11

Filing claim under article constitutes waiver of physician-patient privilege.

(a) Any person filing a claim under the provisions of this article shall be deemed to have waived any physician-patient privilege as to communications or records relevant to an issue of the physical, mental or emotional conditions of the claimant.

(b) If the mental, physical or emotional condition of a claimant is material to a claim, the commission upon physical examination may order an autopsy of a deceased victim. The order shall specify the time, place, manner, conditions and scope of the examination or autopsy and the person by whom it is to be made. The order shall also require the person to file with the commission a detailed written report of the examination or autopsy. The report shall set out the findings of the person making the report, including results of all tests made, diagnoses, prognoses and other conclusions and reports of earlier examinations of the same conditions.

(c) The commission, upon request, shall furnish the victim a copy of such report. If the victim is deceased, the commission, on request, shall furnish a copy of the report to the claimant.

(d) The commission may require the claimant to supply any additional medical or psychological reports available relating to the injury or death for which compensation is claimed.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-658, p. 1308, §11.)