Section 15-23-16

Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Fund; created; purposes; composition; administered or managed by commission.

(a) There is hereby established a special fund to be known as the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

(b) The fund shall be placed under the management or administration of the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission for purposes of providing compensation or other benefits to crime victims and for purposes of implementing this article.

(c) The fund shall consist of all moneys collected or received by the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission from any source.

(d) The commission shall have control of the funds not inconsistent with this article and with the laws of Alabama.

(e) All moneys of the commission shall be covered into the State Treasury or deposited in a special trust account and may be withdrawn therefrom by vouchers or check signed by the chair of the commission pursuant to authorization given by the commissioner. All investments of moneys in the fund shall be either deposited with the State Treasurer for safekeeping upon receipt of the State Treasurer therefor or deposited with the bank in a custodial account. The commission shall have authority to expend moneys in the fund in accordance with this article and to invest any moneys so received pending other needs therefor in any investments which are legal investments for insurance companies under the laws of the state.

(f) No member of the commission shall have any interest in the investments or receive any commission with respect thereto.

(g) It shall be the duty of the commission to keep detailed permanent records of all expenditures and disbursements from the fund.

(h) The commission is authorized to accept and use funds available to it from all sources, such as grants, appropriations, gifts, donations, and other sources for purposes of implementing this article.

(i) The commission may not award any moneys for the six months immediately following passage of this article.

(j) The commission may not award or promise to award more moneys than are available in the fund.

(k) The commission shall not spend more than 25 percent of its funds for administrative costs.

(Acts 1984, No. 84-658, p. 1308, §16; Acts 1995, No. 95-494, p. 994, §3.)