Section 15-23-62

Law enforcement agency required to provide victim with information concerning services, compensation benefits, etc.

Within 72 hours, unless the victim is unavailable or incapacitated as a result of the crime, after the initial contact between a victim of a reported crime and the law enforcement agency either responding to the report of the crime of the victim or another person, or having responsibility for investigating the crime, the law enforcement agency shall provide to the victim in a manner and form designed and produced for the appropriate governmental agency or office, the following information:

(1) The availability of emergency and crisis services.

(2) The availability of victims' compensation benefits and the name, address, and telephone number of the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission.

(3) The name of the law enforcement officer and telephone number of the law enforcement agency with the following statement attached: "If within 60 days you are not notified of an arrest in your case, you may call the telephone number of the law enforcement agency for the status of the case."

(4) The procedural steps involved in a criminal prosecution.

(5) The rights authorized by the Alabama Constitution on rights of victims, including a form to invoke these rights.

(6) The existence and eligibility requirements of restitution and compensation pursuant to Section 15-18-65 et seq. and Section 15-23-1 et seq.

(7) A recommended procedure if the victim is subjected to threats or intimidation.

(8) The name and telephone number of the office of the prosecuting attorney to contact for further information.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-583, p. 1234, §3.)