Section 15-23-69

Testimony concerning information about victim; information about victim in court file.

(a) Based upon the reasonable apprehension of the victim of acts or threats of physical violence or intimidation by the defendant, the family of the defendant, or by anyone at the direction of the defendant, against the victim or the immediate family of the victim, the prosecutor may petition the court to direct that the victim or any other witness not be compelled to testify during pre-trial proceedings or to any trial, facts that could divulge the identity, residence, or place of employment of the victim, or other related information without consent of the victim unless necessary to the prosecution of the criminal proceeding. If the court schedules a hearing on the merits of the petition, it shall be held in camera.

(b) The address, phone number, place of employment, and other related information about the victim contained in the court file shall not be public record.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-583, p. 1234, §10.)