Section 15-23-75

Right to information concerning defendant's sentence, request for notice, post-conviction review, etc.

The victim has the right to the following information:

(1) As soon as practicable, after the date of sentencing, the office of the prosecuting attorney shall notify the victim of the sentence imposed on the defendant.

(2) The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the appropriate agencies and departments to whom request for notice should be provided.

(3) The status of any post-conviction court review or appellate proceeding or any decisions arising from those proceedings shall be furnished to the victim by the Office of the Attorney General or the office of the district attorney, whichever is appropriate, immediately after the status is known.

(4) If the terms and conditions of a post-arrest release include a requirement that the accused post a bond, the sheriff or municipal jailer shall, upon request, notify the victim of the release on bond of the defendant.

(5) The agency having physical custody of a prisoner shall, if provided a request for notice, and as soon as practicable, give notice to the victim of the escape and, subsequently, the return of the prisoner into custody.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-583, p. 1234, §16.)