Section 34-27-63

Filing of plan relating to units not substantially completed requires filing of additional documents.

If a seller files with the commission any vacation time-sharing plan or any amendment thereto which describes or concerns time-sharing units, accommodations, or facilities not substantially completed, the seller shall file with the commission the following:

(1) A notarized statement showing all costs involved in completing each phase of the project.

(2) A notarized statement of the time of completion of construction of each phase of the project.

(3) Satisfactory evidence of sufficient funds to cover all costs to complete the project.

(4) A copy of the executed construction contract and any other contracts for the completion of the project.

(5) A 100 percent payment performance bond payable to the State of Alabama from a surety company authorized to do business in Alabama, covering the entire cost of construction necessary to complete the project.

(6) If purchasers' funds are to be used in the construction of the project, an executed copy of the escrow agreement with an escrow company or financial institution authorized to do business with the state, which provides that:

a. Disbursements of purchasers' funds may be made from time to time to pay for construction of the project; architectural, engineering, finance, and legal fees; and other costs for the completion of the project in proportion to the value of the work completed by the contractor as certified by a registered surveyor, architect, or engineer on bills submitted and approved by the lender of construction funds or the escrow agent;

b. Disbursements of the balance of purchasers' funds remaining after completion of the project may be made only after either the escrow agent or lender receives satisfactory evidence that the period for filing mechanics' and materialmen's liens has expired, or the right to claim those liens has been waived or other adequate provision has been made for satisfaction of any claimed mechanics' or materialmen's lien; and

c. Any other restrictions relative to the retention and disbursement of purchasers' funds required under the rules of the commission have been met; and

d. Any other materials or information required under the rules of the commission have been provided.

(7) The commission shall not register or issue any order approving any vacation time-sharing plan unless the commission determines, on the basis of materials submitted by the developer, that the time-sharing units, accommodations, or facilities or any additions thereto will be completed.

(Acts 1983, No. 83-670, p. 1035, §14; Acts 1985, No. 85-750, p. 1204, §1.)