99870-1:n:03/26/2008:MF/tan LRS2008-1920

By Representative Newton (D)
Rd 1 01-APR-08


WHEREAS, the opportunity to have access to health care and long-term financial security is a basic need that all Americans share and it is the foundation for future generations; and

WHEREAS, we believe that all Americans should have peace of mind about their future long-term financial security and have access to affordable health care, including prescription drugs, and these costs should not burden future generations; and

WHEREAS, wellness and prevention efforts, including changes in personal behavior such as diet and exercise, should be top national priorities; and

WHEREAS, Americans should have choices when it comes to long-term care, allowing them to maintain their independence at home or in their communities with expanded and affordable financing options; and

WHEREAS, our children and grandchildren should have an adequate quality of life when they retire, and Social Security must be strengthened without burdening future generations; and

WHEREAS, workers should be provided with financial incentives to save, should have access to effective retirement plans, and should be able to keep working and contributing to society regardless of age; moreover, Americans of all ages should have access to tools to help manage their finances and save for the future as well as easy-to-understand information to help them increase their financial literacy and manage their money wisely; and

WHEREAS, individuals, businesses, health care providers, nonprofit organizations, and government must work together to find solutions, personally, privately, and publicly; and

WHEREAS, AARP, the Business Roundtable, and the Service Employees International Union have committed to be champions for this new American Dream by launching Divided We Fail, an effort that engages millions of Americans to call their elected leaders to work together across party lines to provide answers, action, and accountability on these issues; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That we support this Divided We Fail effort and urge other state and federal elected officials and candidates to do the same. A copy of this resolution shall be provided to the President of the United States and each member of Alabama's U.S. Congressional delegation.

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