Section 10A-2A-16.03

Scope of inspection right.

(a) A stockholder may appoint an agent or attorney to exercise the stockholder's inspection and copying rights under Section 10A-2A-16.02.

(b) The corporation may, if reasonable, satisfy the right of a stockholder to copy records under Section 10A-2A-16.02 by furnishing to the stockholder copies by photocopy or other means chosen by the corporation, including furnishing copies through an electronic transmission.

(c) The corporation may comply at its expense with a stockholder's demand to inspect the record of stockholders under Section 10A-2A-16.02(b)(4) by providing the stockholder with a list of stockholders that was compiled no earlier than the date of the stockholder's demand.

(d) The corporation may impose a reasonable charge to cover the costs of providing copies of documents to the stockholder, which may be based on an estimate of those costs.

(Act 2019-94, §1.)