Section 13A-8-30


As used in this article, the following terms have the following meanings:

(1) FERROUS METALS. Any metals containing significant quantities of iron or steel, excluding motor vehicles purchased in accordance with Section 32-8-87.

(2) LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. A duly constituted and certified peace officer of the State of Alabama or of any county or municipality within the state.

(3) METAL PROPERTY. Metals as defined in this section as either ferrous or nonferrous metals.

(4) NONFERROUS METALS. Metals not containing significant quantities of iron or steel, including, without limitation, copper, brass, aluminum other than aluminum cans, bronze, lead, zinc, nickel, stainless steel, and alloys thereof, including stainless steel beer kegs.

(5) PERSON. An individual, partnership, corporation, joint venture, trust, association, or any other legal entity.

(6) PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD. A driver's license or identification card issued by the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency or a similar card issued by another state, a military identification card, a passport, or an appropriate work authorization issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security.

(7) PHOTOGRAPH. A still photographic image, including an image captured in digital format, which is of such quality that the persons and objects depicted are identifiable.

(8) PURCHASE TRANSACTION. A transaction in which a secondary metals recycler gives consideration in exchange for regulated metal property.

(9) SECONDARY METALS RECYCLER. Any person, whether licensed or not licensed, who is engaged, from a fixed location or otherwise, in the business of paying compensation for ferrous or nonferrous metals, whether or not engaged in the business of performing the manufacturing process by which ferrous metals or nonferrous metals are converted into raw material products consisting of prepared grades and having an existing or potential economic value. The term does not include a pawnbroker licensed pursuant to Chapter 19A of Title 5, or a licensed automotive dismantler and parts recycler as defined in Section 40-12-410, unless the entities engage in the business of paying compensation for ferrous or nonferrous metals.

(10) VERIFIABLE DOCUMENTATION. Written evidence of ownership which may be verified, including, but not limited to, receipts, bills of sale, titles, certificates of title, purchase agreements, shipping manifests, work orders, etc.

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