Section 13A-8-83

Manufacturer's name required on package.

Every recorded device sold, rented or transferred for commercial advantage or private financial gain, or possessed for the purpose of sale, rental or transfer by any manufacturer, distributor or wholesale or retail merchant shall contain on its packaging the true name and address of the manufacturer; provided, that the term "manufacturer" shall not include the manufacturer of the cartridge or casing itself, but shall mean the manufacturer of the actual recorded material. The term "recorded device" means the tangible medium upon which sounds or images are recorded or otherwise stored, and includes any phonograph record, disc, wire, tape, videocassette, film, or other medium now known or later developed on which sounds or images are recorded or otherwise stored.

(Acts 1975, No. 1063, p. 2125, §4; Code 1975, §13-3-153; Acts 1989, No. 89-532, p. 1089, §1.)