Section 16-35-3

Duties generally.

The Courses of Study Committee shall conduct continuing studies and evaluations of the courses taught in the public elementary and secondary schools of the state. It shall prepare the contents of the courses of study for each grade of the elementary and secondary schools and revise the same from time to time. In evaluating the course of study, consideration shall be given to the required basic content, texts used and available, the educational objective of the course, changing scientific, technological and cultural developments, as well as established facts of American history, tradition and patriotism. The committee shall from time to time, but not less than once in each two years, prepare a report of its recommendations with respect to the compulsory minimum content of courses of study and of recommended revisions of courses, materials, subject content and treatment in specific courses and subject areas. The report shall be submitted to the State Superintendent of Education and to the members of the State Textbook Committee for separate written recommendations to the State Board of Education for such action as may be considered advisable.

(Acts 1965, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 221, p. 288, §2.)