Section 17-11-4

Form and contents of application; signature of applicant; filing of application.

The application required in Section 17-11-3 shall be filed with the person designated to serve as the absentee election manager. The application shall be in a form prescribed and designed by the Secretary of State and shall be used throughout the state. Notwithstanding the foregoing, handwritten applications can also be accepted at any time prior to the five-day deadline to receive absentee ballot applications as provided in Section 17-11-3. The application shall contain sufficient information to identify the applicant and shall include the applicant's name, residence address, or such other information necessary to verify that the applicant is a registered voter. The application shall also list all felonies of moral turpitude, as provided in Section 17-3-30.1. Any applicant may receive assistance in filling out the application as he or she desires, but each application shall be manually signed by the applicant and, if he or she signs by mark, the name of the witness to his or her signature shall be signed thereon. The application may be handed by the applicant to the absentee election manager or forwarded to him or her by United States mail or by commercial carrier, as determined by rule by the Secretary of State. An application for a voter who requires emergency treatment by a licensed physician within five days before an election pursuant to Section 17-11-3 may be forwarded to the absentee election manager by the applicant or his or her designee. Application forms that are printed and made available to any applicant by the absentee election manager shall have printed thereon all penalties provided for any violation of this chapter. The Secretary of State shall provide applications for absentee voting to military and overseas voters in accordance with Section 17-4-35.

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