Section 17-12-1

Conclusion of voting; locking of equipment; certificates of result.

When the time arrives for closing the polls, all qualified voters, who are then waiting within the voting room to vote, shall be permitted by the election officers to do so.

After closing the polls and sealing the required records, the precinct election officials shall follow the manufacturer's instructions to lock the equipment against further voting and to obtain a printout of the votes on each office and question. The first printout shall be torn from the equipment so that all printing during the day, from the initial test before the polls opened through the first printout of results, shall be on one continuous sheet or roll of paper. Then, four other printouts of the results shall be produced and torn out. To each certificate shall be added, if it is not automatically printed, the following information:

(1) The name of the voting place.

(2) The date.

(3) The identifying number (serial number) of the tabulating equipment.

(4) The value of the public counter (indicating the number of votes cast).

(5) The name of each candidate next to the total number of votes cast for that candidate.

(6) The number and short title of each proposition next to the number of votes for and against that proposition.

(7) In general elections only, the number of write-in votes cast in each race on the ballot.

All precinct election officials shall sign each certificate of result.

(Acts 1939, No. 292, p. 443; Code 1940, T. 17, §112; Act 2006-281, p. 496, §1; §17-9-33; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §54; Act 2016-450, 1st Sp. Sess., §1.)