Section 17-12-15

Time and manner of canvassing.

On the second Friday next after the election, at the hour of 12:00 noon, the sheriff, in person or by deputy, and the judge of probate and the clerk of the circuit court shall assemble at the courthouse; and if there is no such judge or clerk, or if either of them fails to attend, or if either of them is interested by reason of having been a candidate at such election, his or her place must be supplied by a respectable elector of the county, appointed by the board hereinbefore provided for the appointing of the inspectors in the various voting places for the election, at the time of appointing the election inspectors, and if the appointing board fails to provide for such member or members, or if any member or members as herein provided should fail to attend at the time and place herein mentioned, the sheriff shall supply such deficiency by a respectable elector of the county; and if all such officers are of the same political party, then the sheriff must summon three reputable electors of the county, who are members of the opposite political party who are qualified electors, to attend at such time and place; and, in the presence of such other persons as choose to attend, the board shall make a correct statement from the returns of the votes from the several voting places of the county of the whole number of votes given therein for each officer, and the person to whom such votes were given.

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