Section 17-12-8

Count of votes to be sealed, certified, and delivered to sheriff; public inspection of results.

As soon as the ballots are counted, the inspectors shall ascertain the number of votes received for each person and for what office and shall make a statement of the same in writing, which statement shall be signed by them. They shall also certify in writing on both the clerk's poll list and the voters' poll list, that the poll list is the poll list of the voting places at which they were inspectors, the day and year on which the election was held, and for what offices, which certificates shall be signed by them. The clerk's poll list, as sealed and certified, shall be placed in the records of election containers to be furnished for each voting place. The record of election containers shall be securely sealed and delivered by the precinct returning officer to the sheriff as county returning officer. No later than two hours after the polls are closed, the voting place election results as tabulated by the inspectors shall be posted by the inspectors for public inspection at a place in the county courthouse designated by the judge of probate.

The statement of votes and the poll list delivered to the returning officer of the precinct shall be delivered to the returning officer of the county within two hours of departing the precinct.

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