Section 17-13-48

Selection and appointment of officers to conduct elections.

Each candidate for nomination may, at least 45 days before the primary, present to the county executive committee of his or her party a list of election officials desired by him or her for any one or more of the districts, wards, or precincts, and the county committee, so far as practicable, shall make, from the list so presented to it, a list of names of election officials for each district, ward, or precinct, which it will nominate to the appointing board of the county for appointment as officials to conduct the primary election. The county committee shall present the list so made up by it to the appointing board of the county which appoints the election officials to conduct elections for state and county officials in November, or at any other lawful time, which appointing board, from the list so presented to it by the county committee, shall, if there be on the list the names of sufficient persons who are legally eligible, select and appoint the officials to conduct the primary election, giving representation to all political parties wherever more than one party enters the primary; and, in the latter case, if a county committee has not given a sufficient number of names for a box, then the appointing board shall supply the deficiency from electors of that party, if practicable. In the event the persons selected as officials fail to appear at the polling place on the day of the primary election at the opening of the polls, then their places shall be filled by such of those who have been named by such appointing board as do appear; and, in the event none so named appear by then, the voters present and qualified to participate in such primary election may, from among themselves, select officials to conduct such election in such district or precinct during the absence of the appointed precinct election officials, and such substituted persons shall have the authority to conduct such elections and to be paid for their service in the same manner as if they had been originally appointed. All officials serving in such primary elections shall take the same oath required to be taken by officials of regular state elections and shall be subject to the same restrictions, limitations, penalties, and conditions.

(Acts 1975, No. 1196, p. 2349, §15; §17-16-17; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §61.)