Section 17-13-8

Ballots, stationery, and supplies; pledge printed on ballot; spoiling of ballot.

Separate official ballots and other election stationery and supplies for each political party shall be printed and furnished for use at each election district or precinct and shall be of a different color for each of the political parties participating in such primary election. All ballots for the same political party shall be alike, except as herein otherwise provided, printed in plain type and upon paper so thick that the printing cannot be distinguished from the back. Across the top of the ballot shall be printed the party's emblem, if any, and the words, "Official Primary Election Ballot." Beneath this heading shall be printed the year in which the election is held and the words "Democratic Party" or "Republican Party" or other proper party designation. Each group of candidates to be voted on shall be preceded by the designation of the office for which the candidates seek nomination, and in the proper place shall be printed the words "Vote for one" or "Vote for two" (or more) according to the number to be elected to such office at the ensuing election.

At the option of a political party at the bottom of the ballot and after the name of the last candidate shall be printed the following: "By casting this ballot I do pledge myself to abide by the result of this primary election and to aid and support all the nominees thereof in the ensuing general election."

Should any voter scratch out, deface, or in any way mutilate or change the pledge printed on the ballot, the voter shall not be considered or held to have repudiated or to have refused to take the pledge, but shall, conclusively, be presumed and held to have scratched out, defaced, or mutilated or changed the same for the sole purpose of identifying the ballot; and, accordingly, such ballot shall be marked "spoiled ballot" and shall not be counted.

(Acts 1975, No. 1196, p. 2349, §16; §17-16-18; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, §59.)