Section 17-14-2

Holding of general election.

General elections throughout the state shall be held for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Auditor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, three public service commissioners, no two of whom shall be elected from the same congressional district, Chief Justice and associate justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the courts of appeals, electors for President and Vice President of the United States, United States senators, and such other officers as may be required by law to be elected by the voters of the entire state; for a member of Congress in each congressional district; judges of the circuit court in each judicial circuit; judges of the district courts in each district; district attorneys in each judicial circuit; a senator in each senatorial district; a representative in the Legislature in each house district; a judge of the probate court, sheriff, clerks of the circuit courts, tax assessor, tax collector, a county treasurer in counties of more than 56,000 population, as provided by law, coroner, and members of the county commission in each county, and constables in each precinct of the county.

(Code 1876, §244; Code 1886, §339; Code 1896, §1574; Code 1907, §332; Code 1923, §414; Code 1940, T. 17, §66; §17-2-2; amended and renumbered by Act 2006-570, p. 1331, p. 1331, §68.)