Section 19-4-21

Holding in bulk of securities constituting assets of different fiduciary accounts authorized; registration of securities; maintenance of records as to fiduciary accounts; rules and regulations governing banks; certification of securities held for fiduciary accounts.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, any bank holding securities as a fiduciary, as a cofiduciary or as a custodian or agent for another fiduciary or fiduciaries is authorized, in the absence of specific provision to the contrary in the governing instrument or court order under which the bank is acting, to hold such securities in a manner such that, without certification as to ownership attached, certificates representing securities of the same class of the same issuer and from time to time constituting assets of different fiduciary accounts are held in bulk, including, to the extent feasible, the merging of certificates of smaller denominations into one or more certificates of larger denominations. In the event the bank holds securities as a cofiduciary, the bank before acting under the authority contained in this section must have the written consent of its cofiduciary, who is hereby authorized to give such consent.

(b) Securities held in the manner authorized by this section may be registered in the name of the bank's nominee.

(c) When acting under the authority contained in this section, the records of the bank shall at all times show the fiduciary accounts for which such securities are held and the ownership of such securities in each fiduciary account.

(d) A bank, when acting under the authority contained in this section, shall be subject to such rules and regulations as, in the case of banks or trust companies organized and existing under the laws of Alabama, the Superintendent of Banks and, in the case of national banking associations, the Comptroller of the Currency, may from time to time issue.

(e) A bank so acting shall, upon demand by any person to whom it has a duty to account with respect to a fiduciary account, certify in writing the securities held by it for that fiduciary account.

(Acts 1976, No. 610, p. 828, §2.)