Section 20-1-137

Adulteration and misbranding of mellorine, imitations thereof, etc.; sale or offer for sale of adulterated or misbranded mellorine.

Any food product containing any food fat as defined in subdivision (3) of Section 20-1-130, which is made in semblance or in imitation of mellorine as defined and standardized in Section 20-1-132 or any food which purports to be or is represented as mellorine as defined in this article but which does not conform to such definition and standard of identity shall be deemed to be adulterated and misbranded, notwithstanding the employment of any fanciful name or the use of the word "imitation" to designate the product; provided, that the natural occurrence of a food fat in any flavoring used in mellorine shall not be construed to be adulteration within the meaning of this section. If mellorine is adulterated as provided in the case of food under the provisions of Section 20-1-22, such adulteration is hereby prohibited.

The sale or offering for sale of adulterated or misbranded mellorine is hereby prohibited.

(Acts 1953, No. 91, p. 134, §7; Acts 1953, No. 475, p. 591, §7.)