Section 20-1-143

Denial of permit renewal and suspension or revocation of permit; appeals.

The State Board of Health may deny issuance of renewal of, or it may suspend or revoke a permit issued for flagrant, serious, or continued violations of rules or public health laws. Administrative appeals shall be made in a timely manner to the State Board of Health in accordance with rules of the board.

(1) Appeals from final rulings shall be made on the administrative record to the circuit court of the county in which the plant is located, if within the State of Alabama, or to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County.

(2) When, in the judgment of the State Health Officer, the operation of a permitted plant poses an immediate and serious danger, threat, or menace to the public health, the State Health Officer shall summarily suspend the permit issued hereunder and order the plant closed prior to an administrative hearing. Administrative hearings on the summary suspensions shall be held as soon as practicable unless waived by the permittee and shall be appealable as provided in subdivision (1).

(3) When the State Health Officer has summarily suspended a permit, the State Health Officer shall order the summary destruction of contaminated milk, milk products, or frozen desserts, and in so ordering incurs no liability for the costs of the milk, milk products, or frozen desserts or for costs of the destruction thereof on his or her own behalf or on the behalf of the State of Alabama or an agency or officer, agent, servant, or employee thereof.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-718, p. 1403, §4.)