Section 20-1-72

Applicability of provisions of article.

(a) The terms of this article shall not apply to flour, cornmeal, or grits sold to bakers or other commercial secondary processors, if, prior to or simultaneously with delivery, the purchaser furnishes to the seller a certificate of intent, in such form as the board shall by regulation prescribe, certifying that such product shall be used only for the preparation of secondary products enriched within the given establishment to meet the requirements of this article or for the manufacture of products not required to be enriched by this article. It shall be unlawful for such purchaser to use the unenriched flour, cornmeal, or corn grits in any manner other than as stated in the certificate.

(b) The terms of this article shall not apply to whole wheat flour, whole wheat bread, cake flour, or specialty breads such as raisin bread or cheese bread, but, if enrichment of such specialty products is claimed on the label, then such products must be enriched according to the standards prescribed by this article for comparable nonspecialty products.

(Acts 1943, No. 500, p. 470, §3; Acts 1953, No. 815, p. 1097.)