Section 20-2-190.1

Legislative intent.

(a) The Legislature finds the following:

(1) The danger of methamphetamine manufacture to the public and especially to law enforcement involved in the investigation and clean-up of clandestine methamphetamine laboratories is of paramount concern.

(2) Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, their salts or optical isomers, or salts of optical isomers are the essential ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

(b) It is the intent of the Legislature to prevent and criminally sanction the practice of smurfing. Smurfing is the common name for the act of a person within the state or from other states, acting alone or in concert, at the direction or behest of another to circumvent the provisions of state law by purchasing multiple quantities of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine compounds for the intent of combining or using such quantities for the purposes of manufacturing or attempting to manufacture methamphetamine.

(Act 2012-237, p. 445, §1.)