Section 20-2-217

Surcharge on controlled substance registration certificate.

There is hereby assessed a surcharge in the amount of ten dollars ($10) per year on the controlled substance registration certificate of each licensed medical, dental, podiatric, optometric, and veterinary medicine practitioner authorized to prescribe or dispense controlled substances and on the Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate (QACSC) of each licensed assistant to physician, certified registered nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife. This surcharge shall be effective for every practitioner certificate and every Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate (QACSC) issued or renewed, shall be in addition to any other fees collected by the certifying boards, and shall be collected by each of the certifying boards and remitted to the department at such times and in such manner as designated in the regulations of the department. The proceeds of the surcharge assessed herein shall be used exclusively for the development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the controlled substances prescription database.

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