Section 20-2-251

Certifying board; advisory committee; access to records; protocols, formularies, medical regimens.

(a) The Board of Medical Examiners is hereby designated as the certifying board for the registration and approval of a certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) or a certified nurse midwife (CNM) in obtaining or renewing a Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate (QACSC). The board may adopt regulations concerning the application procedures, fees, and grounds for the restriction, limitation, suspension, or revocation of a QACSC, excluding the charge of expenses for conducting an investigation or expenses of a hearing, and to provide for hearings in connection with the same. The board shall establish a unique QACSC number that identifies the particular applicant as a certified registered nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife with a valid QACSC. However, nothing in this article shall permit the board to encroach on the powers, duties, and authority of the Board of Nursing in carrying out its legally authorized functions. The Board of Nursing shall remain the sole licensing and disciplinary authority for CRNPs and CNMs.

(b) An advisory committee shall be created to comment on proposed rules.

(c) The board and its agents, attorneys, or investigators shall be permitted access to the records of any CRNP or CNM, including patient records, which would relate to a request for a QACSC, a renewal of a QACSC, or a possible violation of any provision of the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act, this article, or applicable regulations of the board.

(d)(1) The board may establish protocols, formularies, or medical regimens which relate to, govern, or regulate a QACSC, and any such protocol, formulary, or medical regimen shall not be considered a rule under the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.

(2) The formulary of controlled substances that may be prescribed by CRNPs and CNMs shall be approved by the certifying board upon the recommendation of the joint practice committee established by Article 5, commencing with Section 34-21-80, Chapter 21, Title 34, but the formulary shall not be considered a rule under the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.

(Act 2013-223, p. 531, §1.)