Section 20-2-254

Grounds for denial of application or request for renewal, etc.

The Board of Medical Examiners may deny an application of a certified registered nurse practitioner (CRNP) or a certified nurse midwife (CNM) requesting a Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate (QACSC), deny a request for a renewal of a QACSC, or initiate action against the QACSC of a CRNP or a CNM possessing a QACSC based on the following grounds:

(1) Fraud or deceit in applying for, procuring, or attempting to procure a QACSC in the State of Alabama.

(2) Conviction of a crime under any state or federal law relating to any controlled substance.

(3) Conviction of a crime or offense which affects the ability of the CRNP or CNM to practice with due regard for the health or safety of his or her patients.

(4) Prescribing a drug or utilizing a QACSC in such a manner as to endanger the health of any person or patient of the CRNP, CNM, or collaborating physician.

(5) Suspension or revocation of the registration number issued to the CRNP or CNM by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

(6) Excessive dispensing or prescribing of any drug to any person or patient of the CRNP, CNM, or collaborating physician.

(7) Unfitness or incompetence due to the use of or dependence on alcohol, chemicals, or any mood-altering drug to such an extent as to render the CRNP or CNM unsafe or unreliable to prescribe drugs or to hold a QACSC.

(8) Any violation of a requirement set forth in this article or a rule adopted pursuant to this article.

(Act 2013-223, p. 531, §1.)