Section 20-2-61

Certification; access to records; establishment of protocols, formularies, or medical regimens.

(a) The board is designated as the certifying board for the registration and approval of an assistant to physician in obtaining or renewing a Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate. The board is authorized to adopt regulations concerning the application procedures, fees, fines, punishments, and conduct of any disciplinary hearings for such applicants. The board shall establish a unique Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate number that identifies the particular applicant as an assistant to physician with a valid Qualified Alabama Controlled Substances Registration Certificate.

(b) The board, and its agents, attorneys, or investigators shall be permitted access to the records of any assistant to physician, including patient records, which would relate to a request for a QACSC, a renewal of a QACSC or the possible violations of any provisions of the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substances Act, this article, or applicable regulations of the board.

(c) The board may establish protocols, formularies, or medical regimens which relate to, govern, or regulate a QACSC, and any such protocol, formulary, or medical regimen shall not be considered a rule or regulation under the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.

(Act 2009-489, p. 891, §1.)